Cilantro – Popular, Tasty and Bursting with Health Benefits

Cilantro is a tiny, unassuming herb with huge benefits to your health. Its popularity as a cooking ingredient spans the globe and doesn’t let you down when it comes to flavor. Pungent and versatile, it’s used the world over in such dishes as guacamole, salsa, noodle recipes, curries and chimichurri sauces.

Cilantro is Vitamin and Mineral Packed

Most of cilantro’s nutritive value comes from minerals including calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium, but it’s also known for being a source of vitamin C and dietary fiber. It can be used instead of salt to impart a boost of citrusy flavor to a multitude of culinary delights.

The leaves and seeds of the cilantro plant contain the most health value. After the plant flowers and produces its seeds, the leaves become even more intense in flavor. You can use the seeds to flavor pickles, breads, sausages and much more.

Cilantro Compares to Valium for Reducing Anxiety and Improving Sleep

Among cilantro’s many health benefits is that it is low in saturated fats and contains almost no calories. Just a little cilantro goes a long way to improving your sleep and anxiety issues.

A recent study showed that it can reduce anxiety levels much the same as the prescription drug, Valium – and without the harmful side effects.

Helps Eliminate Harmful Toxic Elements from the Body

Arsenic, aluminum and other harmful heavy metals that we absorb unwittingly in our diets can become embedded in our tissues and contribute to many maladies such as infertility, heart disease, neurological problems and an imbalance of hormones.

Cilantro acts to bind these toxic elements and then helps to eliminate them entirely from the body.

Cilantro Contains Antioxidants to Protect Against Free Radicals

Such degenerative diseases as macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s Disease may also be helped by the cilantro herb and the powerful antioxidants it contains. The herb’s antioxidant properties are led by the flavonoid component, quercetin, which protects against the devastating damage caused by free radicals.

Natural Skin Irritation and Antihistamine

Use cilantro as a remedy for such skin irritations as sunburn, hives and poison ivy. Because of its inherent antihistamine properties, it can help the prevent the immune system from improperly responding to allergens.

Reduces The Onset of Diabetes

High blood sugar levels have become a major concern throughout the population of the western world. Cilantro helps the liver function properly and thereby maintain balanced blood sugar. Scientific research indicates that using cilantro more widely in the food we consume would reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Balances Alkalinity

Antibacterial compounds abundant in cilantro help prevent urinary tract infections by providing a healthy alkaline setting and may also lessen annoying and painful symptoms if a UTI (urinary tract infection) does present itself.

Cilantro has been used for generations as a healing agent and for adding flavor to many dishes. The seeds of cilantro have been found in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and were also found sprinkled throughout Tutankhamen’s tomb. The ancient civilizations loved this wonder herb.

If this is an herb that you don’t regularly use, hopefully this has motivated you to learn more on how you can grow and store it successfully, and how it can be used in recipes to provide the ultimate in health benefits for you and your family.