Top 5 Medicinal Herbs for Childhood Ailments

Children are constantly getting ill as they grow up. Parents want safe and effective relief from common childhood ailments that don’t pose the risk of a lot of side effects. Here are 5 top medicinal herbs for childhood health complaints. Echinacea This is effective for upper respiratory issues like colds and flu, reliving the common […]

Sourcing Herbs – Where & How Herbs are Grown Matters

When it comes to using herbs for medicinal purposes, the most important thing to consider is where and how they are grown. Organic is best, so you can get all the power and potency of the herb with no pesticides or other chemical compounds. Grow them yourself You can of course grow them yourself. Small […]

Solar & Lunar Infusions

Solar and lunar infusions are believed to harness the power of the sun and the moon to boost the potency of one’s herbal remedies. It can often mean picking the herbs at certain times of the month and then creating medicine from them. What are infusions? An infusion is a large amount of an herb […]

Preparing and Preserving Medicinal Herbs

Preparing and preserving medicinal herbs is easy once you know how. It depends on the herb and what you are going to be using it for. Some herbal medicines come from flowers, others from roots, stems, leaves, and so on. Collecting Medicinal Plants The first step is in knowing what you want and whether it […]

Herbal Remedies for Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

High cholesterol has been linked with heart attacks and strokes. Blood serum cholesterol levels are 25% what you eat, and 75% what you produce within your own body. Some people produce a lot more than others, so regulating their cholesterol through whatever means possible is one way for them to stay healthy as they age. […]

Get a Better Night’s Sleep With These Herbal Teas

Many people have trouble falling asleep at night and want safe, effective relief from their problem. Most commercial sleeping pills make them feel sluggish the next day, and offer other unpleasant side effects. A hot drink before bedtime can often calm and soothe (though it can also sometimes make you get up in the middle […]

Differences Between Conventional and Herbal Medicine

Conventional medicine is the usual term for modern Western medicine. It often relies on over the counter or prescription drugs in order to relieve symptoms. Herbal medicine, as the name suggests, relies on herbs to relieve symptoms. Many conventional medical practitioners look down on herbalism as myth or “old wives’ tales,” but the truth is […]

Container Gardening – Herb Gardening Simplified

Many people love the taste of fresh herbs. Many others love herbal remedies, teas and so on. Most herb-lovers long to grow their own. But what if they live in an apartment? In that case, container gardening is the perfect solution. Healthy herbs anywhere You can grow herbs anywhere in your home with a bit […]

Caution When Using Herbal Remedies for Pets

With so many people turning to natural remedies to treat themselves and their families, it comes as no surprise that many pet owners are also interested in herbal supplements for their dogs and cats that pose fewer risks of side effects. In the United States, there is a growing number of holistic vets who take […]

Basics of Dosing Medicinal Herbs

One of the main issues medical practitioners have in relation to herbal remedies is a lack of accurate dosing information. There are several reasons for this. Hands-on healing Herbal medicine is conducted through experience, and individual treatment plans. What works well for one person may not work for another. The practitioner’s personal preference Some herbalists […]